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Slach Rubbermac Dispersion Kneader Machine

Is it genuine that you are searching for dispersion kneader machine manufacturers? Then, at that point, different Private Limited organizations are remarkable amassing association and industrial kneader machine manufacturers. A customized machine is required in basically all of the organizations as this machine is dumbfounding to work with. It has unfathomable execution and besides consumes less power.


They make it with the use of the latest advancement and quality part and henceforth stay as the best flexible Kneader Machine supplier. The scattering kneader HD type makers endeavor to meet the specific necessities of our customers and offer machines of various particular judgments.


• User-obliging interface

• Less energy use


• Compact arrangement

• Automatic action

• Seamless execution

With extensive stretches of

Rubber Mixing Mills And Machine

We are among the foremost Rubber mixing machinery manufacturer. Our company Slach Rubbermac Private Limited has made so far due to the products that we supply and sell to our clients. The rubber mixing mills and machines are used for mixing rubber and it is widely used in the rubber industry, reclaim industry, and even footwear industry.

We have machines that have anti-friction rollers bearing and are used extensively for prodding homogenous composition of rubber with a great variety of ingredients along with the support of the single drive.

The machines that we supply are simple to install and are geared up to run. We as the best among the other rubber mixing machinery supplier and make sure that we produce low maintenance products so that you gain maximum profit and save money or maintenance costs. Our machines have a great capacity to work with and no operating cost.


• Plastic industry

• Rubber industry

• Bakelite industry

The features of our

Rubber Sheet Cooling Machines

Screw Extruders

With remarkable mixing quality, screw extruders from Slach Rubbermac Private Limited have gained huge popularity in these years. With the help of these machines, you can adjust the mixing in regards to mixing quality and mixing intensity. There are different technological specifications available for you. Choose the one that suits your company the best. Also, our company is the best Rubber Twin Screw Conical Extruders Manufacturers. You will never regret your decision of shopping with us.

Our products are great and are built with these features.

• High Process Flexibility

• Better control on the process parameters

• It has high process productivity

• Great business potential and also a high economical opportunity

Being well-known Rubber Twin-screw conical extruders exporter, the products that we supply and export to other countries are tested thoroughly and rigorously before we supply. We also follow special packaging methods to ensure that the products reach safe and sound to

Rubber Cutting Machine

Other Products