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The Science Behind Rubber Mixing

Posted by Admin on December, 28, 2020

Rubber has a hardness, tensile strength, tear resistance, and is very hardy hence it has become one of the most important is natural products.

Rubber Mixing is the second step in Rubber Processing. Immediately after mastication, starts the process of mixing. Rubber Mixing is nothing but adding additives to the masticated rubber. These methods are followed by shaping the viscous mass and then molding into the desired shape and finally curing.

Entire Processing

Particular steps are followed during the processing of Rubber

1)Mastication: Mastication and softening are carried out hand in hand. These are carried out in batches. These are generally done in large mixing machines or rubber mills. Rubber mills are equipped with the required machines for mastication. One such machine is Barnbury Mixer.

2) Mixing: The process of mastication and mixing is somewhat similar. It also requires heavy rubber mixing machinery. Barnbury mixer is also used to mix.

3) Shaping: Shaping takes place in various ways. Shaping is done by tubes, pipes, wire covering, and sometimes rollers are rolled over the mix to get the desired shape. Sometimes there are imprints on these rollers that are rolled over the mix so that they can get the desired design and shape.

4)Curing: Curing is done in a chamber of high temperature and somewhat high pressure. The ideal temperature is 320 degrees Fahrenheit. It is kept for several hours inside this heating chamber and it takes a long time to penetrate the rubber. The curing process takes a long time than imagined.

Mixing: The Important Step of Processing

The process of Rubber Mixing involves many complex ideas. The compound which is the ideal fill is to be prepared at first and should be checked if that particular fill works and that the fill factor is settled is perfect.
The speed should be checked properly and the rubber should be sited well.
Every Rubber Mixing Mill have their own pieces of machinery and a Mixer is just another important machine that is a necessity for any mixing mill.

The Mixer as the name suggests mixes the rubber adds certain ingredients to it and then the injection is brought in to inject the oil. The oil should be injected at the correct time to ensure the process of mixing well.
The Custom Rubber Mixing process in the Rubber Cycle includes the modification of the Mixer. With every step, the mixer automatically takes into note if all the commands are being followed.

Top Rubber Manufacturers of India

Some of the well-known Rubber manufacturers of India are:

1. Deluxe Rubber Industries
2. Madras Rubber Factory
4. Apcotex India
These are some of the well known Rubber Manufacturers of India.

India and Rubber

To start with India’s position in this particular industry we have to say India is quite brilliant in this particular industry. India is the third-largest manufacturer in the world and holds fourth place worldwide in the use of natural rubber.

Rubber Mills

Rubber Production is most prominent in the states of South India. Kerala is the largest producer of Rubber followed by Tamil Nadu. These states have pools of rubber mills. South India witnesses maximum numbers of Rubber mills.

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